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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Orbs, Mist, and Apparitions

As an investigator, many ask about orbs, mist, and apparitions and wonder what they are in relation to spirit activity. The standard answer refers to a spirit being some form of energy explained by physics. But a few ask the next question. What does that mean and is there a relationship between orbs and mist, etc.

It is common to find orbs when mist is present. However, I have a theory that only time will either prove or disprove. I've taken tons of orb pictures, most usually are dust or moisture in the air. Then there's the very dense or bright orbs. I've found a possible transition orb from orb to mist at various highly active locations. I wonder if the orb as the simplest form of nature is the basic shape of all spirits. When they have enough energy they become denser and or brighter. Could they then evolve into mist? Since it is not uncommon to see figures in shadows or mist, could the next level be an apparition? I wonder if the evolution of an apparition is orb, into mist/ecotplasm, into an apparition? What do you think as an investigator and/or a sensitive?

Ann, website administrator

Update to this original article coming soon !

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Cats, Spirits, and Photography

The long standing history of cats is without question.  From before the Egyptians, cats have been a royal part of many peoples household.  Some believe cats can protect a home from ghosts.  No matter your stance on cats, they do poses a gift of incredible vision in very low light.  But, how much more can they see? 

Finally science agrees, they can see far more than previously suspected.  This UV (ultra-violet) ability gives paranormal investigators hope.  If cats are able to see spirits, then perhaps regular photography is possible one day.

Why isn't paranormal photography consistently possible now?

The answer is two-fold.  One is that to date, a camera lens close to the ability of a human eye has not been invented.  Therefore, to have a lens as advanced as the eye of a feline is a long way off.  The second part of the answer is for those that can image the paranormal with great much better ability.  Most people do not use their sixth sense when they are behind a camera.  For those reading this that have conversations with spirits, you might understand easily.  It is as simple as asking in your head for the spirits present to please show themselves.  Yup, you simply ask them permission to take their picture.  As with people, some spirits don't want to a picture taken.  Others will be happy to oblige.

There are some basic guidelines to help obtain this very difficult exposure.  The most important is to turn off your flash!  I cannot stress this enough.  Ghosts and spirits are in a whole different portion of the light spectrum.  A flash of bright light will erase any apparition you see with your eyes, and that includes your camera.  The next is the time of day.  Now, the tricky part is the spirit may not be present at the best time of day.  So, if the lighting is too low, use a tripod.  You cannot extend the exposure time with spirit photography.  You can add a small light source pointing away from the spirit.  Next is the most difficult part for many people.  Listen to your gut, to your instinct, and to your others senses.  If you are not a medium/sensitive/physic, then you have to use what you have.  Use all of your senses to see where to take your picture.  Most pictures should be taken sooner rather than later.  It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest.  So you likely only have one great chance early on.  Feel the air temperature, use your EMF spikes, Geiger counter variations, and other tools available to you. 

This isn't about proving or debunking.  It's about working together to gather another piece of a very large and complicated puzzle.  Remember, that if another person not present when you obtained your image "poo poo's" your picture, you know the truth.  Yes, a sadly huge number of images are faked in this digital age.  Creating a ghost is very easy.  However, once you begin to take pictures of the real thing, you will be fast to learn how different each situation and spirit is.

Just like when the cats are staring and following "nothing" on the wall.  They are curious as to what the spirit is doing.  They are seeing movements we cannot do in our human bodies.  And it's pretty darn interesting to see somebody play peek-a-boo through a wall.  Or better yet, maybe they are looking at their long departed kitty spirit friend.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Infants and PK Events

Becoming a mom has given me new respect for so many things. Sleep is a fable that was once taken for granted. Add in to the mix an infant with PK (psychokinetic) energy and that little bit of sleep vanishes.

What is PK you ask? It is a known and documented event in which a person can
move objects with their mind. It is common in sleeping children to set off electronic
toys as they play in their sleep. This can happen with or without batteries in the
toys! As we grow up, this can extend to moving objects without touching them and

Since nothing is normal in our household, our daughter began with PK while only a
few months old gestation. That's right, she wasn't born yet. At three months she
setting off her favorite toys. Once she arrived in all her glory, the PK settled down for
a few months. Around 6 months old, I couldn't calm the nightly toy noise. I tried
removing batteries and moving the active toy into different rooms without success.

In time, I learned to not allow her to play with her favorites right before bed. As she
grows, certain times will be more intense. After working with many families, times
of stress and change also increase PK events. The future will be an adventure for
our family. I'm just grateful for the working knowledge of PK events.  It won't keep me
from getting startled when things create noise by themselves.  It will allow me to ignore
it and fall back to sleep more easily.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Using "Gifts" to find fact.

As a medium and a psychic I am able to draw from very different resources to obtain unseen information.  The responsibility in only stating what I saw without adding or subtracting to the data is huge.  However, when extremely bizzare scenario's present themselves it makes it easy to question one's own sanity - until the scenario is found out to be valid.

All investigations for a sensitive are done with zero information upon arrival.  On this example I was one of three to have most unusual animal experiences.  I walked around a seemingly normal overgrown yard with stables in the rear.  I walked up to the stables.  Having raised horses, I wanted to see how they had them decked out.  To my shock as I looked into the first stall, a ghost tiger jump up to say hello.  However, the reaction scared the living crap out of me.  I walked to the next stall and cautiosly peered in.  I again did not see a horse, but a spirit pot belly pig!  The next stall housed a ghost bear.

There was one last older stall behind.  It's roof was caved in and I was desperate to find a horse and my sanity.  At the last stall, I found lots of spiders and the warm feeling of horses.

Now the bigger challenge was to be honest about my experience with my team.  I walked into the home and found myself speachless from the tiger.  The home owner did catch a glimpse of my expression.  Embarrassed, I confessed with difficulty.  It was then that I learned other member had similar experiences in other places on the property were the zoo animals played years ago. 

Did the horse stalls house lions, tigers, and bears - and a pig?  Yup!  The lesson was to simply state what you as the acting sensitve "see" no matter how bizzare!  Even if that is not fact, it may be how your brain interprets something on importance.  Do not ever try to figure out what you "see".  Just state it and move on to the next.  Give as many details as you see that could be verifiable without reading in to any thing.

That concludes tonights insight.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Paranormal Passion Helping Families

Hello friends -

After a way past desperately needed break, Dave and I are back to help those in paranormal need.  We dedicated every breathing minute building API up from nothing.  Dave even attended an investigation the eve of our wedding!  I labored over our website, acting case manager, and countless investigations.  Dave worried about all of the required paperwork, team members, new people coming in to ride the wave we created because tV made it cool to do.  And we burnt out after all of the stress that took away from our goal of helping those that NEED it.  So we walked away, thinking we would never return.  While we will not return to API, we have returned to " Provide Potential Solutions to Complicated Situations".  Dave and I focus on families in need and have stopped using the piles of paranormal "equipment" that once seemed essential.  We enjoy the relief of not be responsible for a team and all it entails.  And more importantly, we have been able to take care of us and our business; Classy Creations.

Dave is now a registered gemologist appraiser and I am half way done with the same schooling.  We have nested as a healthy couple - as healthy as two married paranormal investigators can be.  I am back to helping kids deal with feeling unexplained emotions and seeing relative they've never met.  My favorite work will always be with PK children and how it effects the family.  Dave's day job is with disabled kids.  He still loves seeing the relief in those young eyes dealing with paranormal events none of the family understand.

Now we move into our next chapter.  I will not be putting up another website.  If you would like to reach us do not use our old E-mail addresses.  Dave's phone is the same. 
We both still check our E-mail daily - some habits can't be broken.

And to our old and new friends, many life long hugs!

New book coming soon:  "Young and Seeing Ghosts, What to do?"  there will also be a children's book that comes with it for little ones.

Update November 2021:  Well that didn't last !  We are back at it again at

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Can anybody see a ghost?

One of the most frequent questions asked is, "Can anybody see ghosts?"

The answer is yes.  In fact, many investigation requests originate from those that have never had an unexplainable experience before and are suddenly meet with something they can't rationalize.  It can be as simple as sitting on a park bench and seeing a lady that isn't there vanish in front of them after talking to that lady.  Or perhaps a new parent is dealing with their infant interacting to something unseen.  Sometimes it's a new house, or an old house that's been remodeled.  Other times there is a recent death and a person is woken to the recently passed loved one.

 In any situation, there doesn't have to be any prior paranormal encounter or knowledge of spirits.  Unfortunately, it is often more frightening the first time one sees a ghost and it isn't on TV.  The natural response is, "I didn't just see that."  The next step is to explain what the person did really see and investigate.  However, depending on what was seen this may be too scary for some.

The number one thing to remember is a ghost or spirit is not like TV and will not typically cause any physical harm.  The media makes ghosts out to be scary for ratings to sell movies.  While each situation must be taken on a case by case basis, if you have had a spirit around for years and it hasn't hurt you.  Then the likelihood of it every bothering you is pretty darn low.  As my husband says, "Just ask them to pay rent!"  Now we have had a case of one spirit doing the laundry.  I offered to bring them home, but my husband said, "no".

So can anybody have a paranormal experience?  Absolutely!  In fact it's usually when you least expect it too.  Just remember to remain calm and not think of those scary Halloween movies.

  Thursday, June 15, 2006 Orbs, Mist, and Apparitions As an investigator, many ask about orbs, mist, and apparitions and wonder what they ar...